Reed Lakes
  • Camera: GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Exposure: 1/2400th
  • Focal Length: 2mm

Reed Lakes

jjgmj23: Hi! I just moved to Alaska (Anchorage) in June to do an internship at Providence. I don't really know anyone and I was wondering if you know some good ways to meet people around here?

Hmmm, I guess don’t be shy. Introduce yourself. People here are pretty friendly and Providence has some awesome people that work there. I’m friends with a good handful.

fadedsails: What camera do you shoot with? Not asking in a conceited "camera makes the photographer way", but I'm desperate to upgrade to full frame as soon as I can afford it. I'm guessing you use a 5d with that 24-105 L lens?

6D with the 24-105 L. I was the same way. I was limited with my t3i and needed to upgrade. But I’m still paying this baby off. Worth every dollar though.

mycigarettdaydreams: Could you describe the weather/climate in Alaska?

Oh boy. Well it’s winter 9 months out of the year… Don’t really have a fall at all. Winter it’s anywhere from -15 to 30s and if it’s 30 we are in our tshirts outside. January and February are our coldest months. We have 4-6 hours of daylight and is always snowing if it’s a good year. Summer it’s high 50s to high 70s, 80s if we are lucky but that’s too hot for me so I’m usually hiding inside. August is very rainy. Right now (september first) it’s 43 degrees and partly sunny but it’s 8:30 in the morning so it’ll get warmer.

cynderbl0ck: 1. Your pictures are breathtaking! 💙 2. My husband, daughter, and myself currently live in IL but are wanting to move to Alaska when he finishes school in a year and a half. We'll be visiting next summer/spring to kinda scope some homes and areas out. I was wondering if you've been to Eagle River? If so, is it as beautiful as all the realtor pictures make it? ☺️Lol

Thank you! And yes eagle river is beautiful and only 20-30 minutes from downtown anchorage so not too far. It’s surrounded by mountains and has some of the best hikes for sure! If you’re outdoorsy you’ll love it here. Just know the winters are long, cold, and dark. But if you stay active you’ll be just fine 👌

18ak: Hi I'm was wondering how the hike to reed lakes is compared to rabbit lake, thinking about trying it, let me know if you think it's worth the drive, rabbit lake is a little more convenient since it's in town:p let me know :)

Definitely worth the drive. It is a lot longer though

gruenbauerluke9: Hey Nora im luke :) what kind of lenses do you own? And your camera looks like mine except I just have the t3i but I have a battery grip also thats why I said it looks like mine ha. Whats your favorite lens that you like to shoot with?

Hello luke :) I only have the 24-105 L lens for my 6D at the moment… Planning to buy something else in the next month or so. I had the t3i, what a beauty it was! I had the kit lens, 60mm macro and the 75-300 for that camera.

lukejwhit: I'm interested in the same type of photography that you do but I'm just starting out. Any tips?

Bring your camera everywhere! It sucks hiking with it sometimes because it’s so heavy but it’s always worth it. Research your area and just keep shooting always.